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Christine was up early today to go for a hair appointment. Nan finished her packing and I did

some odds and ends. Christine came home and I took the car to Costco to get salt for the water softener. Our next door neighbours had just returned from winter in Mexico, and we met them in the driveway. We had arranged for Fiona to look after our place while we were gone, but they insisted that they do it, so we cancelled Fiona. We loaded up the car with Nan's and our luggage and had lunch then set off.

We left before 1:45PM and dropped Nan at the Edmonton International Airport before 2:30PM and set off for Calgary. We stopped in Red Deer and had a cup of coffee and a doughnut at the Doughnut Mill. We discovered that the access roads to Red Deer have changed and the northern access to Gasoline Alley is much further north than before. We went on to the southern one which is the same as it has been for some time and doubled back to the Doughnut Mill.

We continued on to Calgary anticipating that we would gas up at the Husky at the airport. We were somewhat disconcerted to find that it was no longer there. Now, what to do? We drove on to a slip road and Googled gas stations and found a Petro Canada not too far away. Not having our GPS out, we tried to follow the Google Map, but it kept timing out on us. Eventually we found it, but discovered it was a key-lock for truckers. Tried again and found a Shell across the Deerfoot Trail. We found it with minimum trouble and got filled up. We drove back to the airport having wasted a good half hour hunting for a place to fill up.

We got to the hotel and we checked in. I left Christine and the luggage in the lobby and returned the car which was pretty painless and returned to the lobby. We got settled into the room and went over to the airport to have dinner at Montana's.

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