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We're getting close, it will be a quick one to the border...

Parked at Port Huron Township RV Park, very wet, the geese were...

The Blue Water Bridge at Sarnia, we just have to get on...

Crossing the St Clair River, to get to Sarnia, Ontario

Whew, made it, now to head to Whitby

Mike needed a break halfway through the drive, of course a Timmies...

Surprise, we're here!

So despite telling you all we were relaxing in Frankenmuth for an extra day, we drove ahead and spent the night in Port Huron yesterday. Then today we crossed into Canada, and surprised our daughter, son-in-law, grandson, Michelle's sister and our niece, in Whitby, for Easter. Since we missed last year's Easter get together because of the bus breakdown, we were just a little worried we were tempting fate trying again but 'knock on wood', we made it.

Now back to yesterday. We pulled out at 10:40 after a nice lazy morning and big breakfast.

The temperature really dropped, 40F and it was getting damp from all the wind and rain, so no more shorts for a while.

As we drove though the area we were still seeing small oil well pumps here and there, some how they seemed out of place beside all the houses.

Just down the road from Frankenmuth was a large outlet mall, Birch Run, so of course we had to do a drive by, which turned into a walk around the massive outdoor mall. Good thing the drive to our next RV park was only 1.5hrs, so we could go into stores and look for a few specials.

Pulling into the park in Port Huron, the first thing you notice is all the geese and you know what that means, goose poop everywhere. It was cold (for us), wet and windy, so it was a quick set up and then to deal with a few final details before crossing, like getting all our papers for customs squared away. Michelle by the end of the evening has a sheet which totaled our number days in the US, the amounts of liquor we had by the ounce and milliliter, in case they weren't fluent in one unit, we had it in the other and Michelle had all our receipts for our purchases added up and sorted for our duty exceptions.

Today, for some reason, got up early... who knows why, we were only hours from seeing family again and crossing back into Canada. We were on the road by 9:10, 39F, cold, windy, really windy just as well we were leaving, the weather just wasn't nice.

GPS... yes back to the GPS. She, and we call her 'She' because of the female sounding voice, was working sort of, but things got slowed up when we missed the big signs with the massive arrow "THIS WAY TO CANADA", and it was not the GPS's fault, we ended up in a shopping mall. A couple of turns and we were back on the road and in line for customs, we got the usual questions... "Passport..." " many days in the US..." " much are you declaring..." (to those last two questions Mike just read the numbers off Michelle's (expertly prepared) sheet, and then suddenly the agent hands back our passports and says... okay, welcome back to Canada. WOO HOO...

Hard to believe, we've been traveling for five years and this was the last leg of our US part of this long/short journey.

Ahhh, but don't let any of that fool you. Just 30 minutes after crossing back into Canada (and no, the police were not chasing us), we stopped for a planned meeting with a dog breeder. We stopped at a farm to see Standard Schnauzers in both full size and puppy versions and we both seem convinced this will be one of our next adventures, having a dog again, once we get our house.

After the breeder, our next stop was going to be Whitby to see the family. The simple 3 hours down the 401 was more of a physical battle of Mike with the wind and all the crazy Canadian drivers on a long weekend. Through most of our other drives, Mike had expressed lots of 'displeasure' with the driving skills of the American drivers. Well now that we were back in Canada, it seems that poor driving had spread everywhere. Throw in the heavy rain with the wipers on full, 40km/h gusting cross winds, 100km of stop and go traffic, and Mike was glad to get the bus parked in front of our destination. Time for a beer.

Happy Easter everyone. Oh yeah, and it would seem that our ruse of taking our time and not being home for a number of more days fooled the family. When we knocked on the door and it opened, the shriek of joy was awesome. We fooled them all :-)

So now it's time for a break and in a couple of days, after the holiday we'll drive on to Ottawa, unload part of the bus, get it serviced and wait for our summer park at Mississippi Lake to open. So new problem, where do you park a 40' bus for a week and a half where no one will notice?

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