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Wilda & Sylvia

Kim & Nancy

Lori & Sarah

Joan, Bonnie, Mary Kay

beautiful morning

Yellow-crowned Night Heron

Great Blue Heron watched and followed us

thought it was a gator from afar!

Egret or White morph of Little Blue Heron

Ibis in mating plume

a parent and young Osprey

those eyes!

This was the first time I had a chance to try out my new plastic kayak. I was afraid it wouldn't track so I didn't want to do open water with it. This is not the time to do creeks because it is mating season for alligators. They are active and aggressive during this time.

It tracked well. I just noticed the heaviness of the boat so my arms got a workout today. I am able to get it on the roof rack myself, so all is well.

There were 10 of us today, a good size. The highlight was watching a family of Ospreys because one of the parents came with food for the young bird that looks like it about ready to fledge. A fourth Osprey was sitting on top of a pine tree across the creek, silently watching the family. Wonder if it's a relative?

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