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We spotted this Desert Spotted Lizard under a bush

Pretty flowers were everywhere


More pretty purples (not a scientific term)

Painted Lady. These were everywhere taking advantage of the flowers blooming

We met up with some more of our Mexican trip friends. We...

The desert

There are some fun sculptures here at Anza Borrego

Another one of the sculptures in the park.

The mountains are green

Anza Borrego Springs State Park Visitors Center

Love these door handles!

The door handles are 3D, both sides.

Our camping spot. Free. Tough life!

Pretty view

Lots of flowers blooming

Wish I knew what they all were

More flowers

OK< lots of flowers

Mike and I with Bil and Dory.

Super bloom in Anza Borrego

Mike and I stike a pose

Desert Lily. I know this one. I called it Lasagna Flower because...

Mike in the slot canyon

More slot canyon

Some parts of this trail were one Ellie wide!

Bill, making sure that piece over his head was not going to...

Font's point as the sun is going down.

Mere shadows of our former selves! Mike, Bill, Dory and I

Font;s Point as the sun fades

Colors change with the sun too.

We headed north in California a little ways to Anza Borrego State Park. There was a super bloom going on here of desert wildflowers. This does not happen that often, but with all the rain this winter, it was happening now. We went there with Bill and Dory, friends we had met on our trip to Mexico.

We camped on BLM land outside the State Park, at a place called Peg leg’s campsite. It was named for Peg Leg Smith, an old miner who worked in the area. He started life as a fur trapper and explorer, learning native languages, and taking part in several expeditions of the southwest. He was shot in the knee by an Indian. This got infected and had to be amputated below the knee. It is rumored that Peg leg did the surgery himself before passing out. He wore a wooden leg the rest of his days. He also was a well-known horse thief and managed to stay ahead of those searching for him. When he died in 1866, it was rumored that he had a map of gold bearing quartz mine and sold many copies to other prospectors. Interesting character.

We went to the town of Anza Borrego Springs where we picked up a flower map, and ate at a place called Carlee’s. Great hamburgers!

We took a little hike through a slot canyon. It was a fun hike. We had to squeeze through a few places which were exactly one Ellie wide! This was not as pretty as the slot canyons in Zion National Park, or Antelope Canyon, which are famous for the red sandstone cliffs, but it was beautiful anyway. And it was cooler in the canyon than above it. Things are finally starting to warm up for us!

At Coyote Canyon, the flowers were spectacular. So many and so colorful. There were a lot of painted lady butterflies all around too, taking advantage of the blooms. We were there a little early in the season. Later we heard that there were so many people in some of these areas looking at the flowers that they had to shut the roads down in some areas. Glad we were not there then!

In the evening we took a drive out to a place called Font’s point. It was the perfect place to watch the sun go down and put a beautiful finish on a truly amazing day.

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