Kidds-OnTheRoad 2019 travel blog

Lining up for the trip back to the USA

Leaving the Guadalupe wine valley

The border wall in Tecate, Mexico

Another view of the border

Our group waiting in the line to cross the border.

Mike and I took the lead of our little group today of 6 RV’s and drove back across the Mexican/ US border at Tecate. It was a little rainy but easy drive. We had a wait in line for about an hour while vendors tried to sell us things or beg for money. I hate to see that. We were warned not to give out anything. Once we got to the border guards, we were asked if we had any fruits or vegetables. We said no. The lady guard asked to see inside the RV which is often done. Mike said we can’t here since the gate is too tight, but could pull up so we can drop the stairs and open the slides out It will take us a few minutes”. There really is no space to do that. This is a little gate. She just gave Mike a look and asked again, do you have anything to declare? He said “No, we are part of a group that has been in Mexico for two weeks. We have been told over and over not to bring any fresh fruits or veggies across the border”. She just said OK and let us go. In fact it may have made it easier for the rest of our gang behind us too, since all six of us were out of the gate in less than 15 minutes.

We spent the night in Potrero Park outside of San Diego. This is the same park we all stayed in when this journey began. A nice stop and a chance to relax a little bit.

It was a fantastic trip to Mexico. We had a very good group of people who all got along. Not easy to do in a caravan of 53 rigs and over 100 people but we did. We made a lot of wonderful friends that we will treasure always. The Mexican people were warm, friendly and thankful that we were there. We did not see any caravans of refuges or anti American sentiment. It was a great trip that we would do again. And the charity work we all did was a great feeling. I am glad we were able to make a small difference somewhere.

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