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Donation, a pile of tools, buckets and boxes for the zoo!

Antonio and Steffanie were so happy to get these things!

Going out to find some dinner. Neat little shop with a lot...

Wine and cheese tasting

Cheese plate

Update, zoo keepers using new tools

Update: Steffanie getting creative

March 1

Time came for us to move on. We all said our goodbyes. Some stayed in Ensenada, others headed back to the border, or to San Felipe, a beach on the other side of the Peninsula, and a few headed south to see the whales in the lagoons. It would have been fun to do that but we had heard reports of bad roads, and it was another couple of days of driving to get there. We opted to return to the zoo for one night. We banded together with five other rigs and headed north. It took us almost two hours just to get through Ensenada. We lost of couple of our rigs at a stop light when they followed the wrong car, but we all met up again just north of town and were able to complete the trip into the zoo together.

We had gone to a Home Depot and filled a couple of orange buckets with some items from their supply wish list. We received permission to camp there again. Antonio and Stephanie were thrilled with their pile of goodies. Later we received pictures of the workers using several of the tools we had given them. Work gloves, extension cords, screwdrivers, cordless drill, and some paintbrushes among other things were in the buckets. Sometimes simple things mean so much.

Antonio and Stephanie took us out to a local business that is an artisans’ mall. Many of the items there were available to sample, be it wine, cheese, popcorn or lotions. We made a few purchases and took items back to our rigs and had a late happy hour that lasted until about 8pm. We had a lot of fun talking with Antonio and Stephanie and hearing their stories. What great people.

Oh, and on this day, yet another one of my photos made it to the Wild Bird Trust, Top 25. This is a blog by National Geographic. Each week they post a topic of what they are going to write about, and photographers from all over the world send in photos related to this topic. This week’s topic was just bird photos. Sometimes the broadest categories are the hardest to pick for. I submitted a photo of a Sandhill crane that I took in Alaska. They liked it enough to use it this week. WooHoo!!! This is the second time now! What a great honor!

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