Japan March-April 2019 travel blog

Garden at Kyoshu Museum

Christine pets the lucky bull

Once again the day began with multiple train trips. First an express train for two hours, then a local train for another hour. We continue to be amazed by the rail system; fast, timely, ultra clean, smooth and quiet. The stations in most large cities are incredibly busy and crowded with people rushing everywhere, without our guide we'd probably be lost in minutes.

After arriving on a local train in Dazaifu we took a taxi to the Kyushu National Museum to view the collections of calligraphy, sculpture and arts from Japan and its Asian neighbors. The items on exhibit dated back to the Paleolithic period of Ice Age (35,000 years ago) through the 19th century. The exhibits were fascinating but as in many museums no photos were allowed.

Following the museum we strolled through a group of stores and restaurants catering to the tourist crowd. We did find a small local restaurant and had a nice Udon (thick white noodles made from wheat flower) and tempura shrimp. After lunch we visited yet another Shinto Shrine and then it was onto another train for the trip to Fukuoka. After hotel check in we had a nine course Japanese dinner at a local restaurant and said farewell to our guides and travelling companions after our long and exciting trip through Japan.

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