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Shinkasen SuperExpress

Approaching Miyajima Island

Wedding Party

Miyajima Island

Wild Deer on Miyajima Island

First thing in the morning we headed for the Kyoto station to board the Shinkansen bullet train to Hiroshima. The Japanese rail systems is amazing, handling millions of people per day with all trains packed and running exactly on time. The 220 mile trip from Kyoto to Hiroshima took only 2 hours despite five station stops on the way.

At Hiroshima we boarded a local train and then a ferry which took us to Miyajima Island. The island contains the Shinto Itsukushima Shine which was built on pilings over the sea almost 1400 years ago. This was not our favorite stop as it was extremely commercial and mobbed with people. We walked through the shrine and then enjoyed the beautiful weather and the deer which wander the island and attempt to relieve the tourists of any food they may be carrying.

After a return to Hiroshima by ferry, train and taxi we settled into our hotel and had a short break before a nice group Italian dinner.

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