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A wet Oregon morning but a clean windshield!

What? ...a dry Washington road to greet us?

Chainsaw required!

Well I wrote a half page last night here in the journal and when I went to save it, it glitched. I was not a happy camper. So here I am this morning trying again.

Yesterday we were up and on the road a little after 0730. It was pouring down rain, and we had a long day ahead of us. There is not a lot of traffic, and our headlights are required as the rain makes it kind of dark. Spike and I were noticing last night that its so much lighter here in the NW. In Arizona it would be dark by 7 pm and its darker in the early mornings too.

Our biggest challenge yesterday was getting through Portland unscathed. Usually it is lots of stop and go, and people cutting in front of us. That is a huge no no, when you drive an RV. You are big and heavy and cannot stop on a dime. You all know the drill.

We stopped at the last rest area before hitting Portland at 11:30, and ate a quick lunch. There had been an accident ahead of us so it was a good time to be off the road. By the time we were done with lunch, it had cleared out. So now the fun begins. You have a couple of options to go through Portland, straight through or the 205 bypass. The reader board said straight through was faster. God went before us and totally cleared a pathway for us. We drove right through. Spike says it was the fastest time ever. And the weather had been clear since Salem, so no rain the rest of the way home! Awesome!

Spike and I stopped in Shelton and disconnected the tow. I was going to drive the truck in and get us a pizza and a couple things at the store. The pizza in Arizona was not so good. We have Seabeck pizza and Casper's Pizza in Belfair. Local places that are both really good. I went to Casper's. Spike calls it Spookies Pizza...not sure why, but that name is stuck in his head. So now I have a hard time remembering its real name. So its in my phone as Spookies/Casper's.

When I got home the RV was still parked the top of the driveway. Uh oh. We let our neighbors keep their RV in our carport when we are gone. And their RV is still in there. They follow us on the trip journal but I guess they didn't think we would be home so early. Guess I should have called and reminded them! But part of the driveway turn around had big branches in it, so we couldn't have gotten in anyway. Spike had to get out the chainsaw and cut it up. I guess we had some really bad wind storms in our absence.

And I haven't mentioned Punjab much this trip. The first couple of days he was pretty easy to deal with, We received our local channels without much hassle. But nothing good lasts forever. Wednesday he was back to his old slow, poopy ways. Finally we got the local channels so we could watch "survivor"! And yesterday was even worse. We were on the phone with them at least 6 different times last night. We both needed to take a patience pill. But we did have really good pizza!

Today the rain is back and we still need to unload the RV! But its good to be home. Thank you all for your prayers for us! God is good and we never take his protection for granted!

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