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I rode the yellow Trolly2 along the Danube.

Just before sunset I walked across the Danube, on the Ianchid Bridge...

Full moon over Budapest from Castle Hill on the Buda side.

Picture from Castle Hill on Buda side looking across at the Pest...

Walking back across the Danube.

Deserving of dessert, Dobo cake, after over 25,000 steps today.

After the Parliment tour and some time looking around the excellent museum attached, I decided to catch a ride on the acclaimed by National Geographic Trolly2 the goes back and forth along the Danube. But first i had to find a place to buy a ticket which was quite a walk to a metro station and then with the help (donation of coins) of two nice ladies I got the machine to give me a day pass to ride buses, trams, and metro. I am having trouble understanding Hungarian money and especiallyy the coins. The tram was interesting and goes past the riverfront ‘trail of shoes’ that commemorates the many Jews, men women and children, taken to the river and shot during WWII.

It was exciting to walk across the Danube on the fist built bridge, the Ianchid Bridge. An easy and short walk. It ends at the bottom of Castle Hill and I paid about $6US for a ticket on the funicular to the top. Only an 18 year old in training would want to walk up the steep hill. At the top is the Castle, mostly destroyed during WWII and nw a National Museum. Unfortunately I was 10 minutes too late to enter. To late for anything on Castle Hill, but I did enjoy the views and walking around what is a real city with shops, hotels, restaurants, a Cathedral, and where some people live. There was the added attraction of a full moon over Budapest. It was a beautiful walk back over the bridge with all the lights and even a violenist serenading my walk.

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