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My first fabric basket

There are wild flowers in the desert

A hot rod from the parade

This made us laugh!

A bright spot in my walks!

Patio painting

Finally, the weather has gotten nice again. It started to change last week. Yeah!! I know that our friends at home may not be sympathetic, as they still have remnants of snow. But we are down here for the nice weather, just in case you were wondering.

So what's been going on with the Kramer's, you ask? Well, due to the weather it has been mostly inside activities. It has been cold, and wet down here.

On February 16th, Butch, Julie, and I, went to the Foothills Founders day parade. It was cold and windy so we wore our hats and coats. Butch told me that they threw candy out to the parade crowd, so we should get there early to get good seats. And we did. Butch was gone for awhile, so Julie and I waited in our lawn chairs. There were no little kids near you think Butch may have bribed them all to stay away so we could score more candy? Anyway the parade was cute, very small town, with explorer scouts who carried the flag, a bagpipe and fiddle player, lots of muscle cars, but alas no bands. I love a good band! And yes there was some candy too. Butch is really good at scoring the candy, Julie and I failed miserably in comparison. Then we went downtown to the Veterans appreciation day rally, where they had lots of demos, and I loved the military working dogs demo. They apprehended criminals and searched out drugs. It was really interesting. I wish Zoey would perform like that!

We had a good bye "Rib fest" on February 20 and it was so cold and rainy, we had to eat inside the casita. The guys moved the couch out onto the patio and we put two tables in the casita for us to sit at. It was cozy, and warm. What crazy weather we have had here!

And now Everyone is In "evacuation mode". It has begun! OT and Norine left on February 28 and our neighbors Bob and Donna left on February 21. So it is really empty on the east side of us. Our neighbors, Ed and Cobina,their lot is completely empty too. But we have a really nice view of the mountains.

Last Saturday Spike and I went to the Midnight at the Oasis car show. It was kinda of overcast when we left, but boy did it get hot in a hurry. I should have worn shorts! Into the 80's with no breeze. I put on sun screen when I left home but it must have worn off as I got a heck of a sunburn on my arms. Looks like red is my new skin color!!! And it we parked about 40 miles away, it seemed. Where were those free golf cart rides back to your car?

The cars were awesome to look at and reminisce about. Lots of cars from the 50's and 60's. A lot of 55,56, and 57 Chevy's and lots of Chevys from the 60's too. We kept wondering what the owners do to drive the cars that have stock engines, since we now have only unleaded fuel. Do they have a lead additive they put into every tank of gas?

Spike has been attempting to paint the patios. He has them all sanded and has one coat on the two RV patios but storms and wind keep foiling his attempts to finish. Since there is lots of sand here and not many trees to stop the wind, it can really foul up your paint job. So he is waiting out the weather. Maybe today will be the day?

My neighbor is teaching me to sew and quilt. She belongs to a quilting club down here. So I have made a pillowcase, 6 place matts, 10 fabric boxes (Yes, I am an over achiever) and now I am working on a table runner for my Mom. She bought the pattern and the fabric years ago but it is pretty complicated...and it was to complicated for her to do. So Nancy and I are working on it. And it takes a village to figure out this pattern. We have involved other quilters to help us ensnarl this. It is not at all like a Navy tech manual, that's for sure.

So when are heading for home? April 1 is our exit day. We should be home by April 5. Not sure which way we will be traveling depends on the weather. Bad weather we head for California, if it looks good then we go through Nevada, and Idaho.

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