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Monday morning with Theresa and Dave

Homes on our 'tour' through Havasu Foothills Estates


Quite a bit of construction going on here and around the city

A house simply MUST have an RV garage.



Horses are behind this house





Not enough garages for Jay Leno, but still...



That's London Bridge in the background. Rode over it on a different...

It was a beautiful day to be on the water. Too cool...


The California side. My pals live in Lake Havasu City...this is Havasu...



The casino is on the Chemehuevi Indian reservation







I presume these are the palm's flowers


That is the new, larger, more modern casino to be opened soon

Have I said I love the mountains surrounding Lake Havasu?

I would never tire of looking at them


London Bridge. The real deal


Mike, Dave, Theresa, me, Sally, Gene and Bonnie at Four Clovers

I was expecting to send this update last night along with photos of my repaired truck, but it wasn't to be. My visit here in Lake Havasu City has been wonderful, but it is still minus a remantled (must be opposite of dismantled, right?) truck. Reassembly has not even been completed as of the end of today. I don't mind the wait if I get a good truck back. If I don't, well, I don't want to think of the headlines....

Meanwhile, I fear I am on the list of visitors who over-stay their visit. I - and I'm sure Theresa and Dave - never anticipated that the truck would be in the shop for this length of time. Today is Wednesday. It's now three weeks and one day. I try to stay as invisible as possible but they just keep insisting on winning the best-hosts-in-the-world trophy. They've been life savers for sure.

Monday began with Dave driving Theresa and me to Bud's to check on the status of the truck. I looked under the hood...still a void, and the innards were still on the table and counter inside the workroom. Checked with Bud and was told all the pieces had been cleaned and now it was just a matter of putting it all back together. Good. Looks like we're on the home stretch. He said 75% done.

From there, we drove to their lot to take photos. Dave is going to record every phase during the building process. The retaining walls should begin this week...then the grading. Stopped by Bonnie and Gene's who live just a couple of blocks away and we girls decided we would have lunch in California.

First, though, Dave drove through the neighborhoods on higher ground - appropriately named Havasu Foothills Estates. Beautiful homes on large parcels with spectacular views. The Southwest architecture seems to be mandatory as it is rare indeed to find a home with wood siding. They're beautiful. Large or small, the homes in Lake Havasu City are wonderful and so Arizona. And nary a lawn in sight. Low maintenance for sure.

Theresa, Bonnie and I rode the ferry to California - all the way across Lake Havasu which took maybe 15 minutes max. California, of course, is just on the other side of the lake. Technically, I guess, California's border runs north to south right down its center. We lunched at the Casino and the weather was perfect. We're finally getting temps that don't require a jacket. The temps have been 20-30 degrees below normal. This week they're going to rise daily striving to reach 80 before long.

Sunday night I got to cater the dinner at Theresa and Dave's house. Bonnie and Gene came, of course, and also Sally and Mike, another HitchHiker forum couple whom we have known for at least a decade. They had experienced an unusual Arizona adventure camping in the snow - which reached record levels in some parts of the state. As we sat and yakked at the dinner table, Bonnie noted that we all were originally from California. Mike and Sally still live in Roseville.

Tonight, Wednesday, the seven of us met at Four Clovers, an Irish restaurant where six of us enjoyed superb prime rib. Mike had corned beef and cabbage. Must be Irish.

If I have to have an unnerving truck experience and be marooned for a while, I couldn't have better hosts, nicer friends or a more pleasant place to be. Believe me, I thank my lucky stars daily.

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