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View from our balcony

Looking at the container port dock

Our favorite

Toasting with our final after drink

Our trip on a map

Looking at the tall buildings in Buenos Aries




Taxi to airport

Waiting for the gate to open

The first class lounge

Our air route to Atlanta


Talking with Jean as we wait for the delayed flight

In the air five hours late due to high winds in Rochester

Home sweet home. See you on our next trip.

04 11 Feb. 24, 2019 Buenos Aries, Argentina and the Trip Home

The wether continued to cloud our chances to explore - although we had done just that in Buenos Aries a few years ago with Classic Journeys. So when it rained upon our arrival to that bustling city we were not disappointed on our last full day as we enjoyed the amenities of the ship and began the process of repacking. Either our clothing expanded or something happened since Tom had to expand his suitcase! We had not purchased anything! The ship was docked in a commercial port with thousands of shipping containers surrounding us. After a less than satisfying dinner of lamb chops (Tom will cook a better version when we get home) we moved to the Mosaic Lounge (our favorite place for after dinner drinks) for a final Kailua and Cointreau (plus a port too). All our luggage was out beside out stateroom door by the appointed hour of 11PM and we slept until our alarms summoned us to breakfast at 7AM. We proceeded to the shuttle bus with our hand carry-ons. and exited the ship.

We were surprised that after collecting our luggage that there was no immigration nor customs inspection. The ship had do all that for us! A cab took us to our day room in the nearby Hilton. Our departure time on the Delta Jet back to Atlanta was at 9PM, so a leisurely time for resting and lunch was well within our plans. We did a short walk around the hotel to see the tall buildings before a nap and a taxi ride to the International Airport.

An enterprising hustler helped us find our gate and helped us check in. Well worth the $20 since we have been befuddled with unfamiliar airports on other trips. We found the lounge and settled in for the wait for the plane to begin boarding. Our dinner on board was first class with an ice-cream sundae for dessert. At that point it was time to lower the seat to full flat bed and sleep as the plane headed northeast to Atlanta. Again the weather put a kink into our plans as a high wind (near hurricane force) in Rochester delayed our return to home by five hours. Once more the first class lounge provided a more relaxed atmosphere as we waited for the originally scheduled 9:15AM flight time to reach 2PM. We did did leave at 2 and arrived home at 4:30. After retrieving our luggage, a Lyft car got us home where we deposited our suitcases in the living room and had a frozen dinner of Spaghetti Bolognese.

All-in-all this was a draining trip and we expect to need a few days of recuperation. Doing South America over 18 days has completed our seeing most of the world and we are now thinking of less stressful cruises or even possibly taking the RV back to Florida on a more leisurely schedule - or even renting a beach accommodation in the warm part of the country during the winter. A cruise on Windstar (sailing ship) in the Caribbean might also be in our plans. Tom likes to wear shorts on a cruise and enjoy the warmth - not a suitcase filled with frigid temperature clothes (maybe that’s why the luggage was so heavy!). Are you all rerady to travel with us again? Hope so! Glad to have had you aboard!

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