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The highlight of the past 24 hours was our car journey (3 hours there and back) to visit Olivia at her farm. We had a delightful driver named Simon, who made the time pass pleasurably. The farm is quite an operation - all Chrysanthemums, 5 million stems a year, and with Mother's Day in a month (everywhere but US, so far as I know), a little problem with a virus. It might have been stressful for her, but Olivia was in her element trying to find the best way out. My daughter the farmer! She seemed to have a motivated team working with her on it, and that was good to see. If I can get a photo or two from Sara's brand new bright Apple, I will add them here.

After the Chrysanths we had a comical but excellent dinner in Olivia's hotel. The hotel doubles as a game park and is at the back end of beyond. I lost count of the speed bumps. We arrive at 7.35, to be told that we should have announced in advance we were eating, that the kitchen in principle closes at 7.30. There was only one other couple eating. Anyway they relent, but the only food on offer was an 6-course tasting menu! And the waiter was drunk. Nothing daunted, we tackled first the snails (delicious), fish on a pea compote (extraordinarily good), then to chicken and steak and dessert (all almost as memorable). Between each course the waiter must have had an extra swig. Definitely the most memorable meal this year!

I should not comment on South Africa after one day there. I did not see signs of the economic depression I hear is present. The most noticeable change from my last time there was the racial makeup of the airport workforce. Virtually all the immigration, security and airline staff are black, when very few were when we came in 2000.

Today was a travel day. Tomorrow we get to see the Falls.

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