Botswana 2019 travel blog

We have arrived at our little oasis just off the end of the airport runway. Yes, both statements are correct. For a while it was quiet, but an hour ago they must have changed runway or runway direction, and now we are in plane-spotters' paradise.

But we are a spot of green in a suburban jungle with pretty trees, a small pool and a hammock I collapsed into, and I have had a nice look at an African Paradise Flycatcher.

Is a long flight down here, though better than the flight from Newark when we had to wait 4 hours for inspections after the tow-bar rammed into the nose of the plane.

Anyway, Olivia is at her farm an hour away addressing some flower-growing crisis, and we are going out there for dinner in a couple of hours. I don't think this first stop will be typical of the holiday as a whole.

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