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icon on the island


HA! Fools people paddling by


stare down!

launch site

18 of us!

shady spot to spend the time

choppy water out there

smart birds

they face the wind

cormorants love to hang there

entering my sanctuary

many mangroves

so quiet except for traffic and planes

intent Little Blue

look how close I got!

great pose

On this beautiful warm day, 18 paddlers convened at the gate to go to a nearby park. This park is really in Cape Coral, but very close to Matlacha. After launching, we could go left towards the open water and see Matlacha or go right into natural canals amongst the mangroves. Joan said "Let's see how the open water is and we can always come back to do the mangroves."

So, off we went. It was a bit breezy, the tide was high, and the current was swift. It took us no time to get out a ways. But we recognized that it would be work to come back. Some people are not experienced or strong kayakers and found the trip to be grueling. A couple had to be towed back! There was a place where it seemed like we were paddling upstream over a riff so we had to be really strong to make headway. Once we got out of the mainstream (ha! pun intended!), a few of us had lunch and waited to make sure everyone got back safely.

I had wanted to go in the mangroves from the beginning, but I also didn't want to get lost because I don't have a map of the waterways on my phone. So, I went in a little ways then turned around and came back. But I needed that peaceful time - it is like my church! I was the last one out, but not the last one ready to leave the park!

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