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entering the Andes mountain

Misty Andean Mountains

The View from our windows

Cathedral built over Incan foundations

Today we rode a bus from Puno and headed at last into the Sacred Valley of the Incas, The mountains were appropriately misty and mysterious. We descended about 1000 feet in elevation, and thankfully our headaches have disappeared. Our little hostel/hotel is perfectly situated one block off of the main square; the Plaza de Armes. It is a lovely park filled with families playing and spending time together. The Cathedral looms over one wall of the plaza, and the Jesuit church occupying the square to it's left. It appears that they have had a rather uneasy alliance here; with each trying to get one up on the other in size, architecture, designs, artwork and ornamentation. Reminds me of cranky neighbors; constantly looking out the window in order to be outraged at what they are getting up to next door...

We had a fabulous Italian dinner tonight with excellent wine and beer selection; will have to try alpaca soon...

I hope that all is well and that the weather is cooperating again. It has been a bit rainy but truly lovely here.


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