It had been our intention to wind down after a full-on itinerary in Malaysia with a ten day wind down on the beaches of Koh Samui in the company of our youngest and her fellow, but it is not how it turned out.

While unpacking on arrival at the hotel after multiple trips from bedroom to bathroom and vice versa, without out warning a small pool of water had accumulated on the bedroom tiles under a leaking aircon unit, just enough to invisibly cause my dearest to fall hard to the sound of a cracked femur and an languishing cry.

Our daughter was still in the air flying from Cambodia so we headed for the nearest hospital which turned out to be small and not very reassuring with the initial reaction being advice that the cost was anticipated at 15,000 plus and could we write a cheque.

Fortunately daughter arrived within a few hours and with superior knowledge of local facilities moved us on to a larger establishment with better and of course more expensive facilities.

To cut things short, a full hip replacement was required, the insurance agree to cough up and ten days later, we are facing repatriation in the company of a dishy (apparently) mail aussie nurse for the journey home.

The incident happened on 5th February which was Chinese New Year and all Chinese know that at this time you should never cut your nails. My dearest had made the fatal trip to the bathroom to find the nailclippers for a troublesome finger nail. Can't say we weren't warned.

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