Bob and Julie head South travel blog

Club logo

Location of the swap meet. A neat community center building

Many of the assembled models were on display at the entry

A Nieuport 28 caught my eye. Nice airplane and very inexpensive

A look at the crowd. Many more expected Saturday

The club's raffle fund raiser. Good prizes

Lot of tee shirts for sale

This was one of my favorite tee shirts. Good fund raising idea

Another good way to make money. A snack bar

A couple happy shoppers taking their new, (to them), purchases home.

A swap meet in Garden Ridge, TX


Today was an RC day for Bob because Julie has a touch of some bug and decided to lay low for a day. After going to get breakfast for and plenty of fluid for the bride, I abandoned her to her fate and was off the Tri-City Flyers Swap meet just north of San Antonio in Garden Ridge, TX.

This swap meet was a pleasant surprise. It was large, lots of good stuff for sale which made me wish I had a trailer to load up.

While in the area, I drove around looking at the country checking out New Braunfels, Sequin, and a club field located on Randolph AFB Auxiliary Airport. This airport is rarely used by the Air Force so club the Trip-City flyers use it’s long runway for flying everything including turbine models. This club has had an agreement with the Air Force for thirty years. Impressive.

The day was the best we have seen since getting here. Clear with the official high temperature of 85F in San Antonio. The car thermometer read 89F in Garden Ridge at 4:30PM. Didn’t feel that hot.

I drove back to San Marcos picking up aSubway salad for Julie. She is on the mend and got a lot of her blanket project done, (she’s been knitting again). I don’t think she missed me at all.

Great day

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