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Welcome To Texas!!

Everything is bigger in Texas; the world's largest longhorn steer

Courthouse in Haskell, Texas; this is an example of early 1900's architecture...

We surprised Kaia and Kelli and then explored their neighborhood in Frisco

Our RV at Hidden Cove RV and Marina

Dinner at the campground with everyone on one of our first nights...

Tiki met his big brother!

Sunset at Hidden Cove

Dennis and Kaia at the Dallas World Aquarium and Zoo

Golden Tamarind at the Dallas World Aquarium and Zoo

Crocodile feeding time

This seahorse was only 2 inches tall

Flamingos....did you know their color comes from their diet of food rich...

Cool photo Dennis took of us from inside the ocean exhibit

Dot Rays at the Dallas World Aquarium

Ballpark #21 on my list of 30-The Texas Rangers Stadium

Kelli, Dan and Kaia replace the "X" in Texas

One of the most iconic players for the Rangers, the one and...

This will be the new Rangers Stadium in 2020

Tour of the stadium, inside the dugout-put me in coach!!

Kaia and I in the Ranger dugout

Kaia warming up in the bullpen

Legacy Hall, cool place to try different foods and watch local sports

George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

This sculpture was recovered from a building that was set to be...

George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush sculptures at the GWB Library

Steel from the twin towers that were destroyed by terrorists on 9/11

Bullhorn used by GWB while speaking to first responders days after 9/11

GWB using the bullhorn on that fateful day

Sweatshirt/ball thrown by GWB during game 1 of the World Series right...

Recreation of the Oval Office as it looked during GWB Presidency

Dennis sitting at the resolute desk in the Oval Office recreation at...

The Texas Book Depository; the location where Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK

Photo of JFK and Jackie moments before those fateful shots

The corner spot where Lee Harvey Oswald perched himself to shoot JFK

The corner has been preserved for eternity

Dealey Plaza looks the same as it did over 55 plus years...

The exact spot where Kennedy was shot on November 22, 1963

FBI recreation of the scene

Happy Valentine's Day from Tiki

Kaia at the Crayola Experience in Plano

Dennis and Kaia

Cool place for Kaia and us too!

Kaia playing "police" with Dennis' LAPD gear

Star Field where the Cowboys practice

Kelli and Dan at Star Field

After we left Alamagordo we stopped overnight in Brownfield, Texas and pushed through to Frisco, Texas to surprise Kelli and Kaia. Dan was in on the surprise and we kept him up to date as we traveled from western Texas to their new home just north of Dallas. Kelli, Dan and Kaia moved to Texas at the beginning of December; Dan works for an aerospace company based in Alabama but he works the majority of the time he works remotely from home. Kelli got her Texas RN license and is working part-time at a women’s and children’s hospital very close to their house. Kaia is enjoying her new school and is starting to get involved in activities in the area.

One of the first nights we were here we had a BBQ with them all at RV; we enjoyed the wonderful weather and had a campfire. The next day we toured Globe Life Park, home to the Texas Rangers. Our former President, George W. Bush, was an owner of the ball club and later in the week we visited his Presidential Library.

Kaia has spent quite a few nights with us and one Saturday after an overnight stay we visited the Dallas World Aquarium, it opened in 1992 and their missions is to enhance awareness of threatened or endangered animals and to work cooperatively with other aquariums and zoos to breed endangered species. It is housed in an almost 100-year-old former warehouse; the upper level is a recreation of the Orinoco Rainforest and the lower level is the aquarium….what a fascinating place and well worth visiting!

Another highlight of our trip was a visit to the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. It is located on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas and is situated on a 15-acre urban park. It chronicles the life and career of our 43rd President using a unique system of interactive multimedia. Our favorite portions of the museum was the exhibit “Life in the White House” and the recreation of the oval office; you were even allowed to sit at the resolute desk!

Another “must see” while we were in the areas was the 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, formerly the Texas School Depository. If you are around our age or older you probably remember where you were on that fateful day in 1963 when our President, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. The building overlooks Dealey Plaza where JFK was shot and the museum examines the life, times, death and legacy of President Kennedy. The museum is filled with documents, photos, memorabilia and interpretive displays to include the exact spot where Oswald perched himself on that day.

Another fun event was Dennis helping Kaia with a Valentine card box project. Her class was tasked with coming up with a unique way to house the cards and as usual, Dennis came up with a real creative idea that she could use afterwards to save money.

Kaia had the day after Valentine’s Day off from school so we took her to the “Crayola Experience”, an interactive, hands on area where kids (and adults!) can express their creativity and experience color. We made personalized crayons, coloring pages made from photos we took, made wax molds and more….fun day!

We truly enjoyed our 2 plus weeks here spending quality time with Kaia, Dan and Kelli and cannot wait to return for another long visit.

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