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Exotic Deer 1

Exotic Deer 2


White Buffalo (considered sacred)

Beefalo (buffalo/cattle hybrid)


Zonkeys and Zebras


Oryx 2



Pregnant Giraffes (mother and daughter in pen for protection)


Taking cookie from me

I was dared to do this!

Scratchy whiskers!

What did I just do?!!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love interacting with animals? We had a great time Thursday afternoon at the Y.O. Ranch! They piled us all into an old school bus (and we don’t fit in those small seats as well as we used to) and took us through their 15,000-acre ranch. The highlight for me was feeding the Mama giraffe. She and her daughter are both pregnant, due for delivery soon, so they are penned in for their safety. After they give birth, they will be let loose again. The guide brought a large box of oatmeal cookies, which we thought were for us. The giraffes and a few other animals love them. The daughter giraffe shied away from us, but Mama was hungry. After I fed her by hand, the campground events manager dared me let her take a cookie from my mouth (as the ranch guide had just done). I was the only one on the bus crazy enough to take the dare. The photos tell the story (her whiskers were scratchy). Today, many of the Winter Texans boarded a bus for the San Antonio rodeo. And, since it’s a three-day weekend, the campground has about 80 extra rigs full of families enjoying the warm weather. It was in the mid-80’s yesterday, and low 70’s today. It’s so nice to have the windows open in February!

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