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nice to see a flock of Pelicans

some poses

shying away

beautiful eye, big beak


Nancy, Bernie, RoJene


I haven't been playing since the start of Winter Games! They took all our time all week, but then I had a job dogsitting 2 medium-sized dogs and got a big head cold that still lingers! Yesterday was rainy and today is sunny but cool, so off we went. Others went kayaking in the same general area in the afternoon. It was breezy to start but windy at the end!

After battling the waves at the beginning of the trip, we turned into the channel with mangrove islands and was greeted with calm water and a flock of brown pelicans. A few were spooked by my presence I think because they immediately flew away into the path of the kayakers behind me. It was a pleasant sight to see. I watched pairs of pelicans flying overhead also. There were Ospreys in the area, but not in a place where I could take their pictures.

We had lunch amongst some red mangroves in a shaded area before heading back. The section in the Sound was a bit rougher and water came into my boat and got me wet from the waist down! It was a fun day, after all, but I still have a slight head cold!

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