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Desert camping


Geocache in a tree, can you see it?

Someday I will remember to wear gloves....maybe!

Tyoical mile marker on one of the many dirt roads around Quartzsite.

Desert view

Typical dirt road in the desert

Another geocache. A lot of them out here were log books inside...

For this cache, you had to blow in the tube to make...

Two newbies, looking for the cache (see it on the back of...

Night caching. Follow the dots on the cactus.

Night cachers going in circles

Donut day!

Studying examples of caches and stuff to trade

A very tall cactus

Ladies golfcourse in Quartzsite

Interesting sculptures in front of a Quartzsite home

Cibola National Wildlife Refuge, these are man made holes for Burrowing Owls

Sandhill Cranes, bookends

Duck duck duck goose, and goose, and goose, and goose!

A pair of coyotes

Egret giving me the stare down!

Juvenile Coopers Hawk

Red Tailed Hawk

A track inspection car, Mike thinks he wants at a flea market....

Pretty sunset

We went to another BLM Boondocking spot in the desert. This time we met up with several geocachers. Geocaching in case you don’t know, is like a scavenger hunt. It is played with phones that have a geocaching app downloaded (its free), or a hand held GPS. If you look at a geocaching map of your neighborhood I can almost guarantee there are caches near you. A cache is a hidden container that has a log book in it. They may be under a rock, in a hollow tree, or even light posts, and some very ingenious places. Sometimes there are trinkets or swag for trade. Log the find online and it puts a smiley on the map where you found it. Then you are off to the next one. I have been doing this for about 15 years but not avidly like some cachers. When I go caching, sometimes I will have the cache as the destination, then I see a bird, or a pretty flower, and forget what I am doing out there. For me it is more of a journey than a numbers game. But I do try to get at least one find in every state we visit.

The geocaching rally had several talks that introduced caching to new members, help on how to solve puzzle caches (solve a puzzle to get the coordinates for where the next cache is), and displays of different types of cache containers (pill bottles, bird houses, fake water sprinklers, fake plants and so much more). There are some real crazy people out there that hide some of these things! We had an event cache too. That is one day where other cachers in the area, came to visit and swap stories, and share in donuts. A few hundred people signed the log book. There are MANY caches in Quartzsite, a lot of lonely dirt roads with caches all along them. We even took the whole group out for a night cache in the desert. That is where you use a flashlight to find reflective dots on trees or cactus. Keep finding the dots until they lead you to the cache. It was funny to see everyone start to walk in circles when they went back to some of the same dots they had already been to. It was a fun four days.

One of the days I went back to Cibola National Wildlife Refuge again. I took a friend and we had a great time. We got there just in time to see a large flock of snow geese come in to a pond. Just as they got settled, they all took off again. The sound of a thousand pairs of wings is very impressive. We both thought that was the highlight of the trip. That and a coyote that ran near us, only to be joined by another that came out of the bushes. Cool stuff.

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