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In the market

Dried fish


Horse and carriage ride


Boat to take us over a small river


Sunrise from our ship


Thursday Feb 7th. Today we visited the towns of Myinmu and Inwa.

Inwa would have been one of the stops on the cruise had we not gotten stuck here in Myinmu. Instead we travelled there by bus.

Myinmu was a lovely walking tour of the town in the cool of the morning with our guide stopping to talk to many of the locals who told us about there life in the town. Again, everyone is happy and keen to talk to us. We were left to explore the local market which was buzzing with activity. After lunch we went by bus to Inwa, crossed a small river by ferry and were met by our horse and carriage to take us to two quite different monastery's. One was a massive stone monastery which was abandoned after being damaged by earthquake. The other was also massive and made entirely of teak wood. This also was no longer used.

The horse and carriage ride was interesting. With two people to a carriage it took 30 minutes each way over mainly dusty tracks and some concrete roads (we were provided with face masks for the dust). It was a rough ride and we were sure one of the wheels must have been more square than round.

Back on board it was free cocktails for all as we said farewell to each crew member (there will not be time tomorrow night, our last night, as we get back fairly late from Friday's excursion). Each crew member, about 30 of them, from the captain down, were introduced to us again, and they came around to everyone to say goodbye.

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