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Landing near SEATAC. Never seen this much snow in Seattle before

Seattle snow made the front page of the paper, above the fold!

Looking out the hotel window into San Antonio, TX

Having coffee, outside, in short sleeves in February. Mission accomplished

Winter 2019 to Texas

Looking out the hotel window into San Antonio, TX. It’s 68 F, somewhat humid, and very cloudy. Will not need sunglasses yet.

Resting up after a day long trip from Anchorage. It was a good trip, as far as air travel goes, right now we are waiting for our luggage to catch up with us.

So we’re in Texas for a mid-winter break. Why Texas? Julie read and heard about a place called San Marcos and wanted to check it out. Also, it’s cold and snowy in Anchorage at the moment. We visited Texas for the first time in November of 2014. As I recall, it was cold and Julie was having a back problem that made the experience less fun than it should have been. Maybe this time will be better. Looks like we might be down there just in time for the arrival of the polar blast! At least there won’t be earthquake aftershocks like we have been having in Anchorage. Getting tired of those. The plan is to spend a couple of weeks in the area of San Marcos / San Antonio / Austin. No specific goal in mind other than getting a feel for the area and seeing the tourist attractions.

The Airline trip:

Got up early on 2-5-2018 to prepare for an 8AM flight from Anchorage to Seattle. We were blessed with 6” of snow that fell overnight so I started the day by shoveling. No better way to look forward to traveling south.

Our son Will drove us to the airport via sister Kim’s house (to drop off Sadie dog). Because of the weather and rush hour, going was slow, but got to airport with 45 minutes to spare. No waiting around for us. So far so good.

The 3 hour 23 minute flight to Seattle was fine. Arrived in Seattle just before noon (PST). We knew they had gotten snow in Seattle and flights had been canceled as a result. Our flight to LAX was delayed about 1 hour so we did not leave Seattle until 3:30PM or so. Julie had wisely arranged for a couple hours of ground time for each stop…just in case.

The flight to LA was good and took 2 hours and 40 minutes. We arrived at LAX around 6PM with less than an hour to figure out where to go to catch the connecting flight on American Air Lines to San Antonio. Julie found the gate we needed on her phone and we “race walked” to the next gate. Apparently, there are no trains or trams to get you around LAX. We made it to the gate with 15 minuets to spare and got our seats assigned at the counter.

The flight from LAX to SAT was good. The plane was not full (actually got a row to ourselves!) and the flight took 2 hours and 52 minutes. We arrived in SAT around midnight (CST).

The airport in San Antonio was smaller than we expected. Everything was closed and I began to worry that the car rental desks were also closed. It turned out that the car rental desk was open and I was able to pick up our ride without a problem and no lines. I really liked that! The only problem was our luggage was lost! Julie worked with the lost luggage folks while I got the car. She is much better at dealing with folks in this situation than I am. I have been accused of being impatient sometimes. I was definitely tired.

We got in the rental car, sans luggage, and took a midnight ride to the hotel. There was no traffic, but it was dark and I have never been to this city before. Julie is an expert navigator and got us to the hotel without very much fuss. We checked in around 1AM. We parked the car and saw a critter coming towards us from the green belt near the hotel. It was a skunk! I guess the critter count for the day is one.

Overall, this was a good trip. Julie made airline reservations and except for generous layovers along the way, no money was squandered on better seats. I noticed on our last trip, when we were forced to sit in regular seats like they have in the back of the plane, that the airlines are now providing more legroom in steerage class, I think about an extra 1/8 of an inch or so! It’s the good thing Julie scheduled the extra layovers. We would have been in trouble had she not. Another great job by Julie.

Anchorage to San Antonio. 13 hour travel day with 8.9 hours in the air.

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