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Team 1 - We R One

Team 2 - 14 Shades of Grey

Team 3 - Red Hot Mamas

Team 4 - Pink Panthers

Team 5 - Sunshine Girls

Team 6 - Blue Plate Specials

Team 7 - Black Mambas

Team 8 - Purple Reign

Team 9 - Victorious Secrets

Team 10 - Orange Crush

my team at opening ceremonies

Billiards - 9 ball

part of Carefree Relay games

Chair Volleyball

Table Tennis

our Ice Princess

Cathy Carlton and Terry Miller

Deb Kohl and quilt of shirts from 2 years ago

Every other year instead of having competitive RainboLympics, we have Winter Games. Cathy Carlton and Deb Kohl organized the activities of the week and chose 10 people to be team captains. The captains got a list of 14 people who were on their team. Teammates then chose who would take part in which activities and away we went! I must say here that the pictures are not mine - I didn't take any!

The purpose is to make new friends and have fun playing new games and traditional games in a different way. People who aren't mobile or athletic can find something to participate in and have fun but athletes and competitors got involved also.

There was target bocce and shuffleboard shootout where 4 people on the same team try to get the most points when their turn to play is up. 9 ball in billiards is played with 4 people on the same team trying to sink all the 9 balls in numerical order faster than other teams. Table tennis is played with 4 people who rotate while trying to keep the ping pong ball in play against another team. Beanbag Baseball is like cornhole except the beanbags have to be thrown into hols on the board to get to a base or a homerun. Chair volleyball was played like normal as was the card game called hand and foot. Mindgames and relay type games had 4 parts to include mobile and stationary posts and various mind games. Fun was had by all, so it seemed!

At the end, every team had to bring a baked good to feed 14 people. The last place team got to go choose a dessert first and so on until the first place team got the last baked good. Blue Plate Specials came in 4th place, but we had a natural baker who made us a double chocolate cake for ourselves. We chose individually wrapped brownies so we could take them home for later. Yumm!

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