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Sonoran National Monument

Another AZ Sunset

How did February get here so soon!? Oh yeah, time speeds up when you’re old. Sometimes I forget, but that is because time speeds up when you’re old, plus you forget stuff. So, where was I? Oh yeah.....

After my wonderful stay in Farrenberg I traveled south to the Yuma area to one of my favorite RV parks, Sans End. My purpose was twofold: find a cheap campground with a (much needed) shower and a laundry, and visit some dear friends I hadn’t seen in a few years. It was a bonus that Radar was in town too. When I arrived at Sans End, they upgraded me from overflow parking to a regular hook-up space but still charged me the cheaper overflow rate of $15. That evening after getting all my dirty clothes washed, Radar came over and we went to the music jam session, which is always fun. The next day I had a great visit and lunch with friends Bob and Lonna who recently sold their house in New Mexico. It was great to catch up with them. Saturday Radar and I went to Algodones for her dental appointment and great shrimp tacos for lunch.

Last Sunday we needed to blow that popsicle stand, and instead of going somewhere we had already been, like Quartzsite or Slab City, I whipped out my Arizona Public Lands map for a consultation. We decided to head east and check out a big green spot, the Sonoran National Monument east of Gila Bend, since neither of us had ever been there. What a nice surprise! While there are signs warning of illegal immigration activity we have not had any problems at all. There are some military jets flying over occasionally but it is really beautiful here. Virgil joined us on day three. He rides his mountain bike a lot, so we play music, hike, or just relax while he is out getting sweaty. Then in the evening we kick his butt at Golf (card game) or Farkle.

Last Thursday we all piled into Radar’s van and took a trip to the big city of Casa Grande. We enjoyed the Big House Cafe for lunch,, had a free hot shower at Planet Fitness, and got resupplied with food and water. Back at camp we have enjoyed philosophical talks and s’mores around the campfire and said “That’s what she said” more times than I can count, and often cackle like 5th graders at our dumb jokes. Isn’t that what life is all about?

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