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We HAD to stop in Hatch, New Mexico to get some chilis

Two bags of frozen green Hatch chilis and some salsa...yum!

We love finding Roadside America attractions while we drive on side roads...

Another Roadside America in Hatch

Notice the RV in his hands??

View of White Sands National Monument on our drive to Cloudcroft

Tunnel that was blasted out over 100 years ago

Frozen waterfall

Rest stop that overlooks an abandoned railroad trestle

One of the few remaining trestles that used to transport visitors from...

Welcome to Cloudcroft, over 9,000 feet

Historic hotel in Cloudcroft

Lots of cute shops and restaurants

Stopped at another Roadside America on the way back down the mountain

Tiki getting a trim and enjoying the afternoon sunshine

The RV at the Elks Lodge in Alamogordo

A gorgeous New Mexico sunset

Holloman AFB was nearby, this is an F-117 Stealth bomber in their...

Welcome to White Sands National Monument, established in 1933

White Sands dunes are made of gypsum and feel like baby powder

Dunes plants have learned to adapt, over the years, to the harsh...

Climbing up a dune, not as easy as it looks!

Made it to the top....

Animal tracks

Yucca trees will have roots that go up to 30 feet below...

Dune boardwalk

View of Sierra Blanca (12,300 feet) from White Sands National Monument

PA-200, a German jet that would train with US Air Force painted...

Full scale model of the Apollo capsule that was used for training...

WW II German V-2 missile that was confiscated after the war

Since this trip is “no plans at all” we decided to make a detour to Hatch, New Mexico after we left Deming, New Mexico. If you aren’t familiar with Hatch it is 186 miles south of Albuquerque and is famous for their chilis. We discovered these chilis a long time ago and for a while the only way you could get them in California was when they would bring them in by the truck full. Now, you can find them in salsa form and sometimes for a few weeks in late summer in the grocery stores but nothing beats getting them directly from the source!

We pulled into the Alamogordo Elks Lodge mid-afternoon last Saturday and when we went in to pay for our 4 day stay we were excited to find out they were serving a Veterans dinner that night. We got to meet a lot of the locals and get some ideas of what to do while in the area.

One suggestion was to visit the mountain town of Cloudcroft; we went from 4,200 feet to over 9,000 feet in 15 miles. The views of White Sands National Monument were amazing, as were the abandoned railroad trestles that once traversed up and down the mountain in the early 1900’s. Cloudcroft is a quaint mountain town that has year-round activities and lots of cute shops.

We really enjoyed White Sands National Monument, 275 square miles of dazzling white sands made of gypsum. White Sands is the largest gypsum dune field in the world, was established in 1933 by Herbert Hoover and greets over 600,000 visitors a year. It is adjacent to the White Sands Missile Range so there are times your entrance may be delayed and you might see the jets from Holloman Air Force Base flying over you while you scale one of the up to 60-foot dunes.

We tried to see the Space History Museum, another recommendation, but unfortunately it was closed the day we drove up there. We did enjoy the outdoor museum filled with various satellites, drones, missiles and NASA memorabilia.

After 4 fun, lots of relaxing and albeit extremely cold days, we are off to our next adventure; soon we will be in Texas and spending some time with Kelli, Dan and Kaia…..

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