The Noels in SA and Namibia 2018 travel blog

The village of Solitaire with antique rusted out vehicles everywhere

Solitaire made famous by the novel Solitaire by Ton van der Lee

more of Solitaire,

and ... more of Solitaire

I am humoured by this critter, he needs a loin cloth I...

The Bushmen was insanely knowledgable about the desert and the Bushmen people.

The clan at the Tropic of Capricorn

Moon Landscape near Swakopmund

Josie on the bus, we spent ALOT of time on the bus

Chris having a nap on the bus


Beautiful guinea hens

One of many psychotic guinea hens in Swakopmund

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Bushman Desert Lessons - tortoises need dog droppings for their shells

Today's itinerary

Continue through changing desert landscapes, keeping an eye out for free-roaming zebra, kudu, springbok, and oryx. Stop in the quirky town of Solitaire for a break before heading out into the countryside. Here we meet a local to this remote region who takes us on a drive and talks about the survival strategies of ancient bushmen who lived in the area. We also search out smaller animal life that manages to survive in these harsh conditions such as snakes, geckos, spiders, and insects to learn how they have adapted to this arid region. After, continue to Swakopmund on the Atlantic coast. Living Desert Tour Swakopmund - Hop into a 4x4 vehicle and set out into the desert. An expert guide will point out signs of animal life and emphasize survival in the harsh desert landscape for both humans and animals.

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