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Hello all!

We are in Livingstone now and will be passing across the border to Zimbabwe (over Vic Falls) shortly. I'm writing this at an internet cafe while Z tries to change our Zambian Kwacha back to dollars.

The theme of this entry is "the path made easier by strangers along the way" We met a South African man at the Zambian border station who offered us a ride into Chipata (sp?) the first town within Zambia. He's an civil engineer who has been working on the building of roads in Zambia for the past 2 years. The company he's been working for hasn't been paid by the Zambian government, so he is in the process of shutting down the operation andheading back to SA. In any case, once we got to town he then offered his house to us for the night - amazing! We had a good bed, with a mosquito net and ceiling fan. He took us to the grocery store so we could make dinner for the night (spaghetti with meat sauce - I did well) We even watched an American movie on his TV. It was like heaven had sent us a personal angel for the day. We were entirely flabbergasted at his generiousity and spoiled for the night. It has made us both even more determined to try to help other travelers once we return to the states and have a home to offer.

Since then we've been on two 7+ hour bus rides - yesterday's was long and hot, the bus we were told left at 10 a.m., but when we arrived at 9:30 a.m. it was already packed and we were told that they were waiting for us! We spent the first part of the journey sitting with other people, but eventually someone moved so we could be together - no AC - so it was very warm. Today's bus, initially looked like it would be much better and we took no chances we arrive at 4:45 a.m. for our 5:30 a.m. bus - the sitting arrangements were much better and the bus wasn't overcrowded as has been the norm, but typical the AC broke about 1 hour into the journey and we spent the next 6 1/2 hours sweating again in our seats. You can't imagine how filthy we are! We taken to wearing the same "travel clothes" on travel days - so my white tank top is a shade of brown/gray and my pants are covered in dust - it doesn't matter anymore, our backpacks came out of the bus yesterday covered in white flour or something... needless to say we are a sight and if you don't see us, you'll smell us at a distance!

Tipikus nap az uton Afrikaban:

ebreszto 3:45

gyors reggeli (tojas, piritos, lekvar)

1km gyalog aztan 5 perc taxival a buszallomasra

5:30 busz elindul (emeletes busz, enyem az elso ules az emeleten, 5 meterrel az ut felett...)

12:00 erkezes Livingstone-ba (Viktoria vizeses Zambiai oldalan)

2km seta egy pizzeriaba (egesz jo pizza)

2km seta vissza penzt valtani (zambian kwacha vissza USD-re)

most itt tartunk, kint mar var egy taxis tag, a Zimbabwei hatar 11km, taxival 3 dollar.

Hetfo reggelig a tervek szerint ott leszunk, (holnap vizeses nezes, mosdas, stb, vasarnap vadvizi tutajozas) aztan hetfon reggel indul a teherautonk Botswana, Namibia es Del Afrikan keresztul Fokvarosba. Erkezes, elorelathatolag Oktober 29-en.

malawi elhagyasa viszonylag egyszeru volt, Lilongwebol kisbusszal mintegy 2 ora a hatarig, onnan taxival 12km a Zambiai hatar, ahol egy del afrikai fazon felajanlotta alobb, hogy elvisz Chipotaba, aztan pedig azt is hogy az ejszakat nala tolthetjuk (egy utepites fomernoke, a ceges hazban kulon vendegszoba stb volt). Masnap 7 ora busszal Lusaka, nem konnyu, a ZOmm busz kicsit zsufolt volt (4 szek helyett 5 szek van keresztben, kozottuk pedig gyerekek a foldon stb... csak a csirkek hianyoztak)

azert estere odaertunk, Lusaka kellemes meglepetes, egesz Europai jellegu.

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