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Happy New year to everyone! Boy it has been cold here. It has been down into the 30's at night, and even though it warms up to the 50's during the day, there has been a cold wind here lately. I even had to get out my Elmer Fudd hat to take Zoey for a very brisk walk. It has been too blustery to sit outside, so we have had to focus on more indoor activities. And there are no trees, or large structures to slow the wind down, just wide open desert and lots of swirling dust. Yuck! We have also had some rain. Kinda sounds like Washington, doesn't it? Except you have had a lot more rain and storms in comparison!

And we packed lots of shorts and t-shirts to wear, and no heavy coats, sweaters, gloves and hats! I asked a neighbor if this weather was normal, as last year it was pretty nice here. She said this was highly unusual weather, and she has lived here for 20 years. Today looks better, maybe we are on the upswing!

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