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Merry Christmas to all



It’s our last sea Day as we head to Ft Lauderdale.

Today we did take The Sanctuary for the 4 1/2hrs in the afternoon. It was just perfect. Very shaded, warm, and relaxing. A nice way to end the day.

We knew it would be a busy evening. The night before disembarkation is a whirlwind with everyone packing and getting ready to place suitcases out to be picked up and taken for the next morning. Ann and I work as a team now that we have a few cruises under us and had our bags packed and ready and placed in the hall at 8:15pm.

There were storms in the Florida area tonight and the seas had really picked up for us. The Coral Princess handled it well. We were tossed aft to fore and port to starboard.

Ann made a little mistake of bending over to pick up a drawer off the floor she pulled out while sitting doing makeup. (Just a note to all, when rocking and rolling at sea, try not to bend over or you may feel the sea sickness when you come up.Has happened to me sailing.) I saw her lean over but knew it’d be too late. She laid down and I got her Dramamine. A bit late as you really want to stay ahead of it. But it did help. I went out to pick up some food at the International Cafe since I knew she’d be in no shape for dinner. Our room Steward told me to give her a green apple and salt...it’s what the crew does. So I picked that up for her and brought it back to the cabin. I went to pick up some sandwiches and waters, and by the time I returned she was feeling much better from the apple and the Dramamine May have kicked in.

I also went down to the Piazza to take some pictures of the ginger bread houses.

It was a rocky night but once we fell asleep we slept like babies.

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