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Prepared for evening balloon drop



Sea Day

84, partly cloudy and a bit humid

Sadly, heading to Ft Lauderdale and the end of a fantastic trip. However, we still have two great sea days to enjoy and relax.

As I mentioned before, we enjoy sea days. We’ve reserved chairs at The Sanctuary for afternoons on sea days. We canceled today as the chairs were just too exposed to the sun and heat. Instead, we decided to enjoy the quiet on our shaded balcony.

Around 3:00pm we went down to Universe Lounge to listen to Joshua Seth again on hypnotism. Not realizing that he planned to do the whole audience on weight loss and better eating. On a cruise ship! Ha! Well, I tried but this time I couldn’t get into any kind of trance, so I waited it out. Ann was starting to but then she had a coughing spell as all were just getting to the deepest part. She and I left. Guess it really didn’t have ANY effect on me...Ann took a water and I a chocolate mousse and iced coffee something. Oh well.

Dress up dinner night and balloon drop tonight. It’s always a fun gala experience. At dinner we sat next to two elderly sisters from Idaho who were very nice to talk to about their cruise travels. And on the other side a nice couple about seven years older than us from California. Life is all about the stories isn’t it. And it sure was interesting to here others stories.

Seas are picking up this evening...there’s a sailors rule, one hand on the rail and one on the drink!

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