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Macaws - free to come and go



Loved the blue eyes


These flocks are very loud


Froot Loops Tucan


With a blow of the ships horn we left Cartegena

Good bye Cartegena...our last full day port


95, sunny, milder humidity but hot

We arrived in Cartagena around 8:00am. Our tour today would take us to the National Aviary Park. We enjoyed the tour...seeing many species of birds, too numerous to count.

My views of Columbia have changed after this brief 4 hour tour. My initial thought was ‘why would I want to visit Columbia’. Much like I felt toward Nicaragua. But after seeing what they have done in the past few years and the progress they are trying to put forth, I think we felt fairly safe here. Nicaragua not so much.

There still is a lot of poverty here. 60% earn only about $300 a month. But you must work or you don’t eat. No handouts here.

Our guide mentioned that the government is corrupt and that the president needs to go. Starting to sound familiar in these countries. But it seems that the problems with the drug cartel are past and perhaps there is a brighter future for the people of Columbia.

The Aviary tour was wonderful and we did see many species of birds. The macaws have been rescued from illegal capture and sales and kept at the aviary. They are, however, free to come and go as they please. They always return.

When we returned to the port we shopped briefly for what else...coffee. We then returned and hung out in the cabin to cool down for awhile and rest. The heat did get to me a bit.

We had a nice quick dinner around 6:00 and then saw a new show by hypnotists Josh Seth...continues to amaze us. Then hurried down to see comedian and past Cirque Du Sole performer Steven Ragatz. We spoke briefly with him. He mentioned he was with Cirque from 2004-2016. I mentioned we saw Mystere when it first came to Vegas and he said he would have been part of that show. Ann asked if he was the guy who wanted to dump popcorn on our heads and he laughed and said “no, that would have been Wayne and we shared dressing rooms at that time”. Who’d a thunk it. He was a juggler and a very talented one at that.

To bed around 10:00 and lots of ship movement tonight... Kinda cool.

Two sea days ahead as we sail toward Ft. Lauderdale.

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