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Panama City

Our tour in similar tour boat


Guides would call the monkeys out of the jungle

Came right onto the boat for bananas

Freighter that came through part of the locks now on Lake Gatun

Evening appetizer...

...and dinner


84, mostly sunny and a little humid

This morning we were up by 7:00am for our excursion get-together at 7:30. Our ride through Panama City area was both impressive & progressive as well as sad when we saw the slum areas on the outskirts. But our tour was not about that. We were taken to an area on Lake Gatún where we met our boat ride. Along the way we were on the look out for the different monkey species in the area. The boats would be taken right up to the edge of shore where the guides called the monkeys in and offered bananas. We were able to see monkeys up close- some even jumping right onto the boats. We spotted howler monkeys but they typically stay high and are shy. Very territorial.

The drive back was very long as the traffic was mostly at a standstill at points. By the time we were back to the ship we were wiped out. We had a quick lunch and then fell asleep for a couple of hours.

Around 7:00pm Ann and I went down for dinner and went for a walk on the promenade deck shortly after. Do love the deck walk around.

We then went to the production show On The Bayou which we had to leave about ten minutes early for us to catch hypnotist Joshua Seth. Have always wondered about those shows. Dang it all tho...while he was putting about ten people in a trance from the audience, I found myself listening, closing my eyes, drifting off and found everything getting dark but forced myself awake when he mentioned ‘your lids are getting heavy and will be glued shut’. Heck, didn’t want to miss his show. Before that, he had us all do a mind thing where our fingers would be like magnets and draw together. Mine did without trying...Ann’s didn’t. He had us guess a number under 50 with two odd numbers. I guessed 31 and it was 37. Then two even numbers above 50. I said 68...it was 68. Ann said I need to try being hypnotized sometime. I may take her up on it. Anyway, it was a real hoot watching the four remaining participants. The things he had them do left me thinking for the night.

Early morning tomorrow as we transit the Panama Canal.

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