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Crocodile River Cruise

Black Necked Stilts

Croc! 14 Footer names Jaylo

Too close for comfort

View from Ti-Ko Restaurant

Our tour guide...Pablo


Great place to enjoy a beer

Great tour with a smaller group...perhaps 10

Great Egret

Beautiful Macaw


Egret, common Black Hawk, Grey Hawk


One of our best tours

Costa Rica

84 mostly sunny and humid

Today. Was. A. Great. Day.

It was only a week before our cruise that Ann had found the excursion we took today. We had booked an excursion through Princess but while searching Trip Advisor, she found this highly rated tour by Tiquicia Tours. Cancelled the Princess Excursion.

I emailed Greiven immediately and received a response within the hour. Ann and I talked it over and booked it and was confirmed within a half hour - ‘you’re all set, meet Pablo at the end of the pier, pay after’.

Sure enough, there was Pablo holding a sign with our names on it. Just Pablo the guide, Ann, and me. Total personalized tour of Puntarenas, Costa Rica. We were taken in a very comfortable air conditioned van. We spoke with Pablo while en route to get to know a little bit about each other...in the end we were friends.

Our first stop was along the road where he would call out to the white faced capuchin monkeys. You can tell they are very used to people as they come from the trees to greet us. Tamed but yet they are wild. Pablo had Ann get near the tree where a monkey was hanging out. He gave Ann a little banana cracker and had her hold her arm out and he walked right on up to her shoulder. Cool stuff. He sat on her awhile as she held out more crackers that he enjoyed. Pablo then had me hold out my arm and he walked down Ann’s onto mine. I was able to feed him also. Pablo even put a chip on my head as he grabbed it from there. Kinda neat little fella. By now a crowd was gathering and I’m sure I’ll be showing up on Facebook the world round. It was only the beginning but already the highlight of our day.

We stopped for a quick break at a shopping store where we bought two coffee mugs - I’ve been looking for new ones anyway - and a rest room break. We continued on for a river crocodile tour. The bird wildlife along the river is nothing I can compare it to. Along with the birds we came upon iguana and baby crocs basking in the sun on shore. It was a very pretty boat ride. It wasn’t until just before we returned to the dock that our guide spotted a 14’ croc they call Jaylo. They took the boat up to the shore and the guide got out and tempted the croc with chicken. It swam up to the shoreline, the guide held up the chicken, and dropped it into his jaws. The third piece he offered brought the croc a bit to close to his leg and I think he got a bit shaken by it. He said he’s been doing this for 20 years. We’d highly recommend this tour.

Pablo continued to a restaurant high in the National Park area where we enjoyed a beer and we’re the only ones there. The overlook of the forest and ocean will not be forgotten. Darn near heaven. While there, Pablo and a young bartender there spotted a Tucan bird. Have not seen one in the wild before. Pablo was also on the lookout for macaws all the while we were on tour. He spotted a few here and there and they are one beautiful bird while flying in pairs. They mate for life and when on dies they do not mate again.

On the drive back to port, the three of us talked of family, children, grandchildren, Costa Rican life, and life in general. Pablo is 56 with four children and eight grandchildren. Simply an nice gentleman. We’ve been with him four hours and enjoyed his company. Before leaving he gave Ann a hug. I held out my hand and he opened his arms and gave me a big hug and said “God be with you, Feliz Navidad”.

If you are ever in the area and looking for a tour don’t hesitate to contact them and ask for Pablo.

We both agree this was the best tour we’ve ever taken.

Dinner at 6:30, theatre at 7:30. And bed shortly after.

Clocks another hour ahead tonight.

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