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the bride was not happy :-(

oh, goody! ... another security point

Mumbai has an extensive waterfront

a gingerbread house....and all edible

there are many nice buildings in Mumbai

the Gateway to India is an important landmark in Mumbai

the architecture was spectacular

Mumbai's 'Big Ben'

there are some advantages in being a 'senior citizen'

Chowpatty Beach might be big but swimming is not allowed....its too polluted

slum areas were depressing

"the last supper" India

The flight from Udaipur was good but the landing in Mumbai was questionable as we seemed to change directions multiple times once we hit the tarmac. We were excited.

Security before and after the flight was very heavy and a result of the terrorist attacks a few years ago when hundreds lost their lives. We always felt safe and appreciative of the checking points.

The drive to our hotel was slow because of heavy traffic but unlike all other places we've visited horn blowing was minimal and things seemed like 'organised chaos'.

Following the Arabian Sea coastline on the Marine Drive was quite pretty.

It had been a long day but dinner in the hotel's Thai restaurant ended it brilliantly.

We found Mumbai, or Bombay as it was known during the British Raj, very different from Delhi and a little more peaceful. Visits to the Gateway of India, Kamla Nehru Park, the Hanging Gardens and the Tower of Silence were all fascinating.

The Tower is still used by the Parsi people who leave their dead in the open for vultures to eat. The Parsis moved to India to escape persecution in Persia.

We were not allowed inside the area but were not overly disappointed. It was a bit freaky.

Our Mumbai stop was an excellent way to end our time in India and became some sort of a mile-stone that no one had chalked-up a 'Delhi-belly'.... not even Davo! :-) :-) :-) :-)

The gods must have been smiling on us.

An 11pm pickup for our 3am flight to Sri Lanka was not really much fun but we were looking forward to more of the great experiences we had enjoyed in India.

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