curry_in_a_hurry :-) :-( travel blog

there's a driver in there somewhere

open-air 'loos' were fun and a great place to chat

the elephant 'man' seemed as interested in the ladies as they were...

trucks were always colourfully decorated

men inside, ladies outside .... but they did seem happy

'room keys' were at times quite unusual

bargain time at the local carpet outlet was fun

peace and tranquility was not often available

a load of camel food on the move

horn honking was meant as a courtesy

our hotel was an oasis .....

.... as was our private bus

Mehrangarth Fort was spectacular.....

......and full of great museum pieces

love your new hat Gilli

opulent rooms featured in the fort

Jodphur, the Blue City

Jodphur, the Blue City on the edge of the Thar Desert and the second largest city in Rajasthan ,was our next stopover and was impressive with its 10km long encircling protective wall and other fortifications.

When it came to fortresses Jodhpur's Mehrangarth Fort was excessive. The Pearl, the Flower and the Mirror Palaces were all located within its walls and all were impressive. That amazing complex was built in 1459AD and houses a fascinating display of elephant seats called 'howdahs' and an armoury full of all sorts of weaponry.

We made a visit to the Jasawant Thada cenotaph, an 'over-the-top' memorial to a maharaja from his wife, which was built from marble in the image of the Taj Mahal.

As usual we were bombarded with jewellery outlets and general merchandise bazaars which although tremendously interesting did tend to be a little over-powering.

Dinners in the hotel garden with open fire-pits for warmth were a great way to relax and enjoy live music.

Our hotel was an 'old world' complex which proved to be a soothing oasis amid the hustle and bustle all around us.

That stay was brilliant.

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