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a cuppa on the very 'British'

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953 windows, take your choice

Hindu and Mughal architecture was blended to build the Amber Fort

"and what's your problem ?"

a real coffee house in Jaipur .... brilliant!

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the boys went shopping, hallelujah!

Next stop was Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan. Its red sandstone buildings definitely gave credence to it being known as the 'pink city'.

The mixture of Hindu and Mughal architecture fitted well together in the 1592 Amber Fort built from sandstone and marble.

The extremely impressive 5 storey, 953 window Hawa Mahal Palace got our attention. Ladies from the royal household were able to watch everyday life through the intricately carved honeycombed windows known as 'jharokhas”.

The architectural astronomical instrument collection of Jantar Mantar which was built in 1727 was something very different. That was an amazing display of Mughal period cosmological concepts.

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