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We had just settled down to watchTV after dinner last night when there was a knock on the side of the boat. Tony went to investigate and there was a homeless guy wanting a bit of assistance.

He was looking for somewhere safe to erect his tent where there was some sign of habitation as he had been robbed a couple of nights before and didn't feel safe. Tony went out to assist him with some lights and to put up the tent. I put the kettle on and made him a cuppa and Tony brought him on board to cook his frozen TV dinner in the microwave. He was going to eat it cold with no cutlery!!!! So we had a very intelligent conversation with him - he had a nervous breakdown a couple of years ago and things went from bad to worse. He's getting himself sorted out, and was very grateful for our help.

It was 2deg in the back of our wheelhouse this morning so it must have been pretty chilly in that tent.

He had gone off into town when we surfaced this morning, but his tent was still up, so we assume he is returning tonight.

These markings on the wall at the side of the bridge show the flood levels over the years.

We walked up the canal into town today enjoying the sunshine. The shopping centres are all so hot though, it puts you off going into them. I start taking off my coat as I enter the door and people walk around with scarves, hats and fur lined coats on.

This clock was interesting item in the Victoria Centre.

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