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Drive down from San Antonio uneventful. Several miles out it struck me the terrain had flattened out again. Austin had some hills. Didn’t really think about it in San Antonio but it was rather flat however there were a lot of taller trees so it wasn’t all that noticeable. Just south of the city the trees became shorter then gave way to open fields which really revealed the flatness.

As soon as I got to Brownsville, stopped at a Denny’s for lunch then checked into the hotel around 3.

That’s really about it. The only other excitement I had was a can of coke exploded in the van on my way back from a Target run. I was surprised at the minimal amount of mess, primarily just the rear mat was wet. Didn’t spray all other the place like I would have thought. It was almost as if the can wasn’t full.

Steps 4,027/905541 Bike 0/119.7

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