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One of the main drags of Mesquite. Pretty town.

A view of the Del Webb Sun City, Mesquite resort

One of the model homes. All were nice.

When Julie goes house shopping, she likes to wear a black hat.

Julie was having lots of fun with all the brochures. I don't...

Lake Mead. The east end.

The lake level has gone way down in recent years.

BLM land (I think), near Lake Mead. Lots of RVs boon docking....

Bob's favorite Ace Hardware store. Has everything including a hobby shop.

Models above the checkout counter inside the Ace store.

Headed back to Mesquite eastbound on I-15

Mesquite, NV and environs


First things first: Happy Halloween!

Today we explored Mesquite Nevada because we like this part of the southwest and wanted to check the area out.

First, we just drove around the town and through various neighborhoods to get a feel for the place. It’s a small town, but very neat and clean. Plenty of stores and, because it’s on the state line between Nevada and Arizona, lots of casino style resorts.

Julie was interested in the Del Webb Sun City development so we went to the sales office...just for fun. We talked to a nice sales lady then looked at some model homes. They have nice homes, a nice recreation center, pools, golf courses, tennis courts, hiking trails, and lots of other ways to keep us “mature” folks busy. Julie got lots of slick brochures that will certainly keep her busy for a while.

After leaving Sun City, we headed west on I-15 to check out the town of Overton, NV. Julie’s sister Val used to live there. Also, the east side of Lake Mead is nearby and we wanted to look at it before it evaporates completely.

When we travel, Julie uses her iPhone to help navigate while I drive. She also likes to research the area we are in for places of interest and, most important, places to eat. She was looking for RC hobbies in the Overton area and found the local Ace Hardware store had a hobby shop inside. I’m thinking, “yeah right.” Since we are in the area and had other items to pick up, we checked out the Ace Hardware store. To my amazement, this Ace store has almost everything including a decently stocked hobby shop for cars, drones, and airplanes including newly released kits. I now have a new favorite Ace Hardware store.

We headed back home to the Virgin River Hotel/Casino for dinner at the buffet and quick, (very quick), try at the slot machines. No joy.

There were a lot of folks dressed up for Halloween, but we saw no kids at all. In fact, Julie and I are probably the youngest folks in the crowd. Old folks, my kind of place!

Had a good day. California tomorrow.

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