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It was a lovely summer, but the end of it came too soon. And I bet you are wondering what happened at the Kramer's? Well, in May we attempted to go to the Art festival at Cannon Beach in the RV. We made it as far as Montesano, and we got an engine alarm. Spike got the engine turned off and coasted us over to the side of the road. We threw a serpentine belt, so we had to be towed by in by Coach Net. They towed us back to Shelton which is only an hour from our house. And there was a diesel shop there that could repair us. So that trip was a bust, and an expensive one too.

We have decided not to travel to Ross lake any more because the fishing rules have changed drastically. For One fish a day,It is just not worth the trip. Especially if you have to drive through Seattle, with a boat behind you, while they do road repairs, and they take you down to one lane. We just don't have the patience to deal with that traffic anymore.

But We did have a fun trip to Fort Stevens in Oregon. We went for a week in August, and the weather was much better than our previous June trips. Plus we had nice neighbors.

So that brings us up to today. Today we are on our way to Yuma. And after spending a kinda cold night in the motorhome, in the carport...(we had the heat on all day but it takes awhile for everything to get up to room temperature.)We did have a space heater on all night but still didn't sleep too well, (either of us), but Miss Zoey did!

We got up at 0630, as Spikey ran really quickly to turn the furnace on. Got cleaned up and ate a light breakfast. Then we ran down to the house to check on a couple of things and locked her up. The motorhome started right up but we weren't reading one of the tire monitors. So we stopped and repaired that. And we actually got off Panther Lake road this year without any other problems. Underway at 0845.

We are not going I5 south this time, we are headed to eastern Washington instead. We made it through Tacoma and Fife with no problem. We did not even have to slow down. The merge from hiway 16 to I5 seems to be completed and was pretty seamless. I'm pleasantly surprised!

So up and over Snoqualmie pass we went, and Spikes nice clean motorhome is already getting dirty, as the rain started in. We actually saw a patch of snow at the top of the pass, near Alpental. Its hard to believe its going to be November 1, this week!

Going over the pass, and towards Ellensburg is all new concrete hiway. It is very nice and smooth. I know I complain a lot about the roads, so when things go well, I need to recognize that also.

Anyway we rolled into Columbia Sun RV Resort a little after 1500. This is a passport America campground, for those of you who know what that is. Its very nice, and they even have an area that Zoey could run free without a leash. She and I had a nice walk over there.

So we are all parked, and set up, and now the fun begins. Now I get to call Punjab at dish network. We all know this will be painful, but more painful than in the past because now we have a new receiver to register. Oh joy! I was on the phone with them for 2+ hours! We Had a couple of dropped calls on their end but I was persistent! They aren't going to get rid of me, I wasn't giving up! Spike gave me an A for patience. So we finally have dialed in TV. Whew.

So, sorry but no photos tonight, but my patience is fried. You have to reduce them in size, before this web site will accept them, so now you will have something to look forward to tomorrow! Thank you for all your prayers for us! We can feel them.

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