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World War I memorial

A very small missile from WWI

Other weapons from WWI

Narrative of the battle in this area

Very large memorial to WWI


Artillery piece, notice wooden treds

Artillery piece from WWI





Our light lunch


Real Italian Pasta

Sitting room in winery

We said goodbye to Trieste and headed for the Wine Road, Strada del Vino!!!

The area of Collio is known for its exceptional white wines. We met the owners of a family-run vineyard. And they provided us with an exceptional wine tasting experience!! One of the three sons walked us through the wine making process. Another son takes care of the publicity. And the third son handles the business side. Mama handles the wine tasting. She had made a big bowl of pasta!! You'll see in the pictures the table she set for us - olives, cheeses, crusty Italian bread, olive oils, salami, ham. It was called a "light lunch". While we were eating, Mama brought out the wines for us to taste, two whites, then two reds. She told us the family history, how for centuries the vineyard has been in the family. Talk about keeping track of the family genealogy.

The weather is turning bad. The promised storm has arrived. We drove in the rain for another hour to get to Venice. Our guide, Alessandro, who has been with us the whole time, turned us over to the guide for the cruise down the coast of Italy to Malta. Her name is Sylvia. She must be Italian because she talks with her hands and is very happy and positive and lively!! She had to tell us about a change in our itinerary. With this storm, the sea is too rough for our boat to dock in Venice. So on Tuesday, they will bus us to Ravenna and we'll get on the boat there.

Meanwhile, she took us on a short walking tour around our beautiful hotel; then to dinner at a "real" Italian restaurant. Doug and I had the calamari and some ravioli. Wonderful!!!

We start our tour of Venice tomorrow in the rain. Sylvia gave us all rain boots to wear. She said with the storm and the tide, the water could be well up to our knees. Doug will take some pictures of our new rain gear.


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