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I hear one grows in Brooklyn

Abe overlooks Wyoming

No dinosaurs

Native in foreground, altered in background

I don't do a lot of deep thinking while I drive. Or most other times, either.

I have been wondering about the wisdom of a road trip. It gets damned tedious. On the other hand, flying or the train or buses simply would not have allowed me to make the family and friends connections that have been the heart of this trip.

The middle states are supposed to be boring. Mo once had a colonoscopy that was so normal the doctor described it as "driving across Kansas." I found driving across Kansas to be interesting and at times aesthetic.

Kansas bill boards promote fertiliser and strains of soy beans. The landscape rolls and turns.

Wyoming on the other hand is fairly stark in its south.

Everywhere people are the same. Polite on greeting, helpful when asked. It's reassuring in a time of political turmoil.

The wind is a constant. I was driving into 30 mph plus winds for a couple of days, watching my gas mileage plummet. At least I wasn't on a bicycle. I have bicycle toured into those kinds of winds - Alaska comes to mind - and it is exhausting.

When I think or modes and miles, I figure a day on foot is about an hour on bicycle; a day on a bicycle is about an hour in a car; a day in a car is about an hour in an airplane; a day in an airplane can get you just about anywhere in the world.

I should be home with Mo in time for her birthday. Meanwhile, I have friends to see and more miles to drive.

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