The Trans-Siberian - 2018 travel blog

Vladivostok Station - The Start

The Russiya Toward Moscow

The Last Kilometer Marker

Wish it Were our Engine - I'm a Hopeless Romantic

1st Class Compartment

Each Car as an Attendant

Platforms are for Stretching

Just a Glimpse of Some Stations

Some are Larger and More Ornate

Crossing Wide Rivers on Their Way to the Arctic

Hour After Hour of Birch Forest

A Few Small Towns

A Few Vendors at the Stops

Ulan Ude

First Glimpse of Lake Baikal

Another Stop

The Service was 1st Class

Here's a short collection of photos from the Trans-Siberian. I wish I could provide more but it's very difficult to get a good photo from the train. Our stops were short, from 2 to 25 minutes and not much to see from a railroad yard.

No way to capture the vastness and the beauty except to be there.

Buy yourself a nice coffee table book and spend a solid week gazing through it and you'll have some idea what the experience is like.

Personally I loved it.

The Geezer

P.S. There is a Kurosawa film that won Best Foreign Film in 1975 that was filmed in Siberia. Dersu Uzala is the true story of the friendship of an explorer and a native Siberian. I highly recommend the film, as much for the story of friendship as for the views of Siberian landscape.

Also, Colin Therbon's Siberia is an excellent book that explores areas of Siberia away from from the Trans-Siberian right-of-way.

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