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Leaving on the last leg of our trip...goodbye Pahrump, Nv

On Hwy 160 & the sun is starting to peek over the...

The desert was taking on a golden hue from the morning sun

Passing by some Joshua Trees



Always enjoy the views in this canyon, we've passed through this area...

A hazy Las Vegas below

Driving through Vegas & traffic wasn't half bad




Not a great photo, this roadrunner has the right away

Goodbye nevada

Hello California

Out in the middle of nowhere

On I-40...almost back in Arizona




Hello Arizona & warm temperatures

On Hwy 95, working our way to I-10


Always enjoy looking at classic cars (in Lake Havasu)


So green, usually when we drive through this area, its dry &...


On I-10...Picacho bound

I-8, you can tell that they've had lots of rain...lots of greenery


A view of the Peak ... here we come.

We made it !! 19,793 miles is what this trip packed onto...

Our plants have taken over, our neighbor Roger trimmed the front bushes...

The Lantanas went crazy

Trying to crawl up the screened in patio

Thats just one

And the work has begun

Last Friday (10/19) we returned to out winter home in Picacho. The trip was long (traveled over 400 miles the last day) but uneventful...oh...except the left front headlight burned out, but that was ok (no biggie compared to the issues we had on the trip to Alaska).

We have returned to a dusty house, the Charger was filthy & our plants had grown so much that some were heading for the neighbors So now here we are, Pete has power washed the house, trimmed our plants & the Charger was taken to the dealership for servicing & we had it detailed. Still more to do, but getting it done.

Our travels this summer had its ups & downs, but over all we enjoyed our time on the road & Alaska did offer some beautiful scenery...would we ever go back....nope...this was one of those once in a lifetime trips. Total miles traveled was 19,793

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