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I've made an attempt to eat reasonably well. I've avoided fast food and Coke and chips.

My friends have fed me like royalty. Jim made the best roasted chicken ever. Sandy and Judy provided fabulous BBQ, so good I had ribs for breakfast. Art and Becky served outstanding spaghetti one night and outstanding steak the next, after treating me to a seafood dinner.

I cooked breakfast for my brother, otherwise dining on frozen entrees from Publix.

I have a weakness for burger joints unfamiliar to me. On my way out of Florida, I stopped at a Krystal for lunch. They offer White Castle style tiny burgers and other fried stuff. I found the menu so repelling, I walked out without an order.

Down the road, I found 3 Squares diner. My kind of place. Everyone else's, too, as there wasn't an empty seat to be had. I left unfulfilled.

A bit later, somewhat anxious to eat, I turned into a generic drive-through-only burger dive for an OK meal. Not quite fulfilling.

R&B's BBQ was open for breakfast after a night of camping, featuring 11 hours in the tent. I'm pretty sure I was the only non-Trump guy in the dining room.

I've also tried to attend to the care and feeding of the car. I fill up when I hit half a tank. I get 57 octane unleaded only. And I am changing the oil every 5000 miles.

At 170,000 miles exactly, no fooling, I pulled into a quick oil service. They couldn't get to me that day, so I drove on.

In Clanton, maybe 150 miles later, Google Maps found a local quick oil spot. It was early, and I was one of the first customers to arrive. When the manager took my info, he was so startled I was from out of town that he asked how I found them. I smiled and held up my phone.

It took about 15 minutes to get my oil done. The tiny waiting area featured Christian literature that encouraged me to be born again. I've already done that, so I left it for others.

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