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It had been a long time coming, and now everything worked out like clockwork. When we told my sister and her husband that we would be visiting Cyprus for the last two weeks of November, after roaming around Europe for six weeks, they jumped at the chance to meet up with us.

They have just started their own retirement travels adventures, and spent several weeks in Spain. We decided it might be best to meet up in Athens and fly together to Larnaca. They arrived in Athens a few days earlier so they could see the sights there for the first time. It worked out better than they expected because they were able to stand near the finish line of the Athens Marathon and then take a seat in the ancient stadium.

We arrived on our flight from Bucharest as scheduled and took a shuttle to our hotel several kilometers away. They decided to come out to the airport on a public bus. Duncan likes to follow his route on an app called Maps Me, and he suddenly realized that the bus was about to pass very near the hotel on its way to the airport. He made the split-second decision to get off the bus; he grabbed his gear and signaled to Donna to do the same.

It wasn’t until he was off the bus and it was on its way once more, that he realized that he’d dropped his sunglasses on the floor of the bus in his rush to get off quickly. However, he figured that if he waited for the bus coming along the same route after calling in at the airport, he could probably retrieve his sunglasses before they were lost forever.

Donna sent us a message that she was in the hotel lounge, and explained Duncan’s predicament. Duncan thought he would have a relatively short wait, but didn’t realized that the hotel was a half-hour trip away from the terminal. In the end, he was successful in stopping the bus and explaining the issue to the driver. He did manage to find his sunglasses, but unfortunately, they were slightly scratched up from banging around under the seat.

We had an otherwise happy reunion and spent the balance of the day catching up on each other’s travel adventures. We looked forward to exploring Cyprus together, and reminisced about the time we’d spent together in Bogotá, Columbia earlier in the year. It was on that trip that we’d discovered how well we travelled together and began to make plans for this trip in the fall.

After a restful night’s sleep we headed back to the Athens airport and eventually made our way to one of the business-class lounges. During the summer, I’d managed to convince Donna and Duncan that arranging to get a Priority Pass membership was well worthwhile, and in fact, they needed very little encouragement. Now, here we were, the four of us enjoying the perks of Athens beautiful lounge together.

Here’s to lots of fun and adventure as we set off to explore a new country!


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