After our last driving day, I hoped we would have an easier day today. And it wasn’t too bad until we got off of I-15 in Nevada, and onto the side highway that took us to Boulder City (about 20 miles south of Vegas). The county did not properly enter the gps coordinates for the side highway into the national database, so our gps thought we were off-roading about a half mile parallel to the highway. I knew what exit we were supposed to take to get to the campground, but then our highway suddenly merged and became a brand new highway (I-11) that isn’t even in the gps system yet. We had seen signs that this highway had opened today, but we had no idea how it would impact us. And this new stretch had no exits. We were stuck on it for about 10 miles. I told Bill we needed to use one of those blue-flagged median turnarounds and go back, but he refused to break the law (they are only for emergency vehicles; but it sure seemed like an emergency to me). We finally got a little luck and found one exit, which just so happened to be for the highway we were supposed to be on in the first place! Unfortunately, when we took that exit, a dreaded (for a 40’ rig pulling a car) turnabout greeted us. After maneuvering around it one and a half times (I got confused as to which turn to get off of the dang thing), we finally got back on track, with the gps finally knowing where we were. We took the turn onto the campground road, drove a little ways, and the gps told us to turn onto a side street. So we did. And it wasn’t the entrance to the campground. It was a road alongside our campground, going to who knows where, with no place to turn around. We went a block further and were thrilled to see another turnabout. We took it (very slowly, as it was quite narrow), and came back to the road we were supposed to be on. The campground entrance was in the next block. I had hoped to finally be in a place where we could have some peace and quiet. We’ve had highway and train noise at every campground since leaving home. I expected since it’s Sunday that this park would be empty. It’s packed! We also expected I-15 traffic to be light. While it wasn’t horrible, it was pretty busy east bound. But west bound from almost Vegas to the Nevada border (20 or more miles) was three lanes of traffic just standing still. We have no idea why, but were so thankful we were headed east. Back to the packed campground. Since we’ve seen this repeatedly on this trip, and with the problems we’ve had just finding a space at RV parks, I think this is the new reality, and we will just have to get used to it. The parks used to only be really busy on weekends, or during summer travel season. But more and more people are being forced to live in their RV’s now. It’s cheaper than paying rent on a house or apartment. When we pulled up to the office this afternoon, it had already closed for the day, but they had left our packet taped to the door with our name on it. Not knowing how much wiggle room we’d have, Bill unhooked the car, and he drove the rig onto our site (I followed in the car). Bill later told me that one of the neighbors had put out his reclining lawn chair right in our spot, and was sleeping in it when Bill tried to pull in. The guy’s wife ran out of their trailer and yelled at him to get the heck out of the way. Bill should have honked his incredibly loud air horn at the guy! He probably would have had to change his shorts! As full as the park is, we can’t hear any highway or train noise, and all the neighbors have been very quiet (probably getting ready for work tomorrow). So I have been blessed with quiet here. We will both sleep like logs tonight!

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